Ultrasound alters plant growth and development

Ultrasound alters plant growth and development


In this article, it has been shown that ultrasound alters the growth of Panax ginseng. The intensity used is much less than that used in diagnostic Ob-Gyn for fetal imaging.

Although very cool for agriculture, as ultrasound can be used to stimulate crop growth and mayhaps can be used to promote increased production of important chemicals, … what does this say for what ultrasound might do to a human?

Fetal development is very delicate. That’s why mothers are required to not smoke, not drink, not do pretty much anything that changes the internal chemical environment.

We need more research to make sure ultrasound is safe.

Please sign this petition to call for more research: https://www.change.org/petitions/health-risks-of-prenatal-ultrasound-the-urgent-need-for-more-research-and-regulation


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