Ultrasound in water can induce nuclear fusion, creating *4He?

Ultrasound in water can induce nuclear fusion, creating *4He


Recently, I happened across an interesting branch of scientific research. To begin, I reiterate what acoustic cavitation is.

Acoustic cavitation is a phenomena where dissolved gases in water come out of solution. These gasses nucleate, creating a bubble.

Further ultrasonic stimulation leads to bubble growth, and then explosive collapse (as the picture shows). This collapse creates a huge amount of energy that is likened to temperatures at the surface of our sun itself.

Deuterium – several drops can be found in every quart of fresh water – is implicated to undergo fusion in this environment by the controversial research of Dr. Rusi Taleyarkhan.

There is much promise for harvesting energy from this process, and some vouch that there is great potential to use it for medical purposes.

Unfortunately, there was a huge debacle that involved media manipulation and a slew of false charges to suppress research into it.. This cascade was apparently started by a competing scientist, and spread throughout media networks. Without checking primary sources, news outlets called fraud. This destroyed a man’s career.

50-some-odd federal charges were filed, with only 2 charges sticking. The 2 counts had absolutely nothing to do with the scientific fraud and were administrative pedantism.  At the end of the day, I cannot say for certain if this is true or not for absolute certainty without testing it myself…  However, it drew my interest enough to mention here.

Why am I bringing this up on this blog?

As previously mentioned, it is possible that cavitation can occur at diagnostic intensities. Although not a very high risk given remotely moderate considerations of intensity exposure…

Still. How interesting. Ultrasound is powerful.


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