Pressured to ultrasound?

Svetlana Castillo MIAMI, FL

During my pregnancy I had more than 10 ultrasounds, especially at the last two months. When I had 7 months of pregnancy, my protein level was a little bit elevated, and my doctor decided that it’s necessary for me to stay at the hospital for some days. During three days at the hospital I had two ultrasounds! I was OK, and my baby was perfect. I don’t know if my baby was affected for many unnecessary ultrasounds, but I will be more cautious with my second baby. I believe that many doctors including mine make you believe that you have high risk pregnancy, and make you do a lot of unnecessary analysis. They care only about your money, not about your and your baby’s health.

I have received so many comments like this on the petition at …  It appears to be a huge issue shared by many women.

Many sonographers, complacent with ultrasound, see primarily benefit and little to no risk.  In their minds they believe that they are doing what is best for the mother.  They believe that when they order multiple ultrasounds that they are being extra-safe.  They also believe that for every ultrasound they order, they will get written a fat paycheck.  $1000~ for a procedure that costs only a little KY jelly to perform looks great.

So, when a mother requests as little intervention as possible, oftentimes practitioners will give resistance.  They often give odd looks, act concerned, and attempt to guilt trip the mother into changing her mind.

Personally, I believe that women deserve full control over their own pregnancy.  They should have the final say in all things, and doctors should fill the role of advisers and assistants, people to help nature progress as it will in the best way possible.


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