SpikeTV show Manswers features ultrasound for male contraception, good laughs for me.

00:00:03 To find out how to dilute a man’s knock-up sauce without permanent damage, we asked the doctor.
00:00:09 – If men are engaging in unprotected sex, they might want to be temporarily infertile.
00:00:15 announcer: SO How can they do that?
00:00:17 A man could try blasting his sack with an ultrasound machine.
00:00:21 According to the university of north carolina, zapping a bro’s crotch with ultrasound waves for just ten minutes could kill his sperm for up to six months!
00:00:31 But there’s a catch.
00:00:32 Hitting some high notes on his tweeter can close his sperm tube permanently.
00:00:37 both: AH!



I saw this recently on SpikeTV and it had me cracking up hard enough that I had to share it.

I visited the ultrasound labs at UNC Chapel Hill personally and met several people who worked there.  I am concerned that ultrasound use on gonads would change hormone levels in adults.  In the literature, there is evidence that ultrasound exposure to rat gonads alters their testosterone levels … reference: http://revistas.um.es/hh/article/viewFile/130341/121361


Autism researcher Dr. Manuel F. Casanova and ultrasound

Autism researcher Dr. Manuel F. Casanova and ultrasound


This year I was fortunate to meet another scientist studying the side effects of prenatal ultrasounds named Dr. Casanova from the University of Louisville. He is awesome.

Louisville was beautiful (except for that one jerk who definitely did not yield for pedestrians, but every city has that guy) and I really enjoyed my stay.

Onto business, however: Dr. Casanova is also concerned that the proliferation of prenatal sonography could possibly play a part in promoting autism.

Widespread misinformation, poor epidemiology, bad safety regulations, and a terrible lack of valid research makes this possible. Most drugs pass through several phases of trials to screen for side effects before being introduced to the public, however the side effects of ultrasound are more subtle and not enough research was done before making it so widespread.

Subtle the side effects may be, they have long term impacts. Whether it can promote autism or not remains to be proven, however -something- is happening… and it is similar to autism, symptom wise.

Who knows, maybe it could be a good thing in the long run. Still, we should do more research into this to ensure that it is safe.

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